Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

Worker in the Field - Update # 20, 2018.06.30

June 30, 2018 - 
"This will change everything.."
This past month has been very full!  I have been focusing on language growth in preparation for an evaluation this coming month.  The team and I have made many trips out to K-Town, where we have had incredible conversations about the Father.  Our Father has been here through it all and I have been so encouraged by His presence. This next month will be very full as well.  Although, I am looking forward to all the fun!
I want to share the story of a family we have been visiting in KTown.  Two teammates and I walked into a compound a few weeks ago.  We were warmly welcomed and asked to sit.  The first story we told was the story of the Paralytic. The audience that day consisted of the male patriarch, his wife, and three young women.  The man and his wife listened intently and loved the story.  We immediately went into a G0spel presentation using the Creation to Chr1st story.  The man, especially, was interested in who J3sus is and why he came. We were able to explain many things and said we would be back.  We were sent away with a bag full of mangoes and a couple on onions as a gift of appreciation.
We visited a few times over the next weeks.  We sat with them and just talked.  We talked about many things and every time the conversation came back to the Son. He began to tell us that he has thought a lot and understands why he needs the Son.  Our team shared with him that following the Son is a decision; a decision that he personally must make. He asked that he be given time to think, of course we agreed.  He then told us, "this will change everything."  We know that It WILL change everything!
We visited last week and he has not made a decision yet.  Please ask for his understanding and openness.  It will not be an easy decision.  He is the patriarch of a large Musl1m family and from a people group who is not very open to the Good News. His salvation will not only change his life, but has the potential to reach many others in his family through his influential status.  Please continue to pry for his heart.
Pry for this family in KTown.  Ask for continued openness to the Good News
Pry for another young man in KTown who is considering following the Son
Pry for the encouragement of the team that has been faithful to go to KTown every week to share
Pry for my language evaluation on July 19