Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson


January 15, 2017 -


I made it!


I have had a wonderful first full week in Nation!  I am so very grateful to all of you who lifted me during my time of goodbyes, my flight, and my arrival.  The flight was uneventful and I even got to sleep quite a bit :) Since my arrival my colleagues have been giving me a top-notch orientation as I transition to living in Nation once again. 
Over the last couple days, I have been getting to know my part of town and greeting all my neighbors.  My apartment is starting to look and feel like home. The Father has shown Himself faithful in many ways to me in the past weeks.  He has surrounded me with wonderful colleagues who are quickly becoming friends.  He has given me sweet times in His Word every morning.  He answered my request of sharing a story from the Word with an English speaker.  He has reminded me of what a life lived in dependence on Him really means.  He is so good!
My language training will begin this week!  I will be meeting with a language nurturer Monday-Friday for four hours.  Then, my afternoons will be spent engaging people in conversation with my new-found words and also studying that day’s lesson.  I am very excited about this next chapter, even though there will be times of frustration.  It is a necessary part in order to become part of the community, build relationships, and most importantly share the Good News!


As I said earlier, the Father gave me a chance this past week to share the Good News with one of my neighbors.  He speaks English fairly well and we were able to have an awesome conversation.  I was also able to share with him a story from His Word.  Some of my colleagues have shared with him before.  He has been very open to listen, but the real fear of his parents and grandparents shunning him if he accepts paralyzes him in fear.  Please remember “Mark,” pr@y that the Father would reveal the truth to his heart and he would recognize the saving grace of the Son. 

  • Sharpening of my hearing/loosening of my tongue as I begin language learning on January 16
  • Adjustment to living in a culture that is far different from my own
  • Forming of relationships with my neighbors
  • Attentiveness to the Spirit and opportunities to share the Message
  • The constant reminder to abide in Him