Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

Worker in the Field - Update # 08, 2017.06.18


June 18, 2017 -



Zaburu (Ps@lm) 37:12
“U bee be yelemayelema ka kene ni a sago ye, walisa u ka a ki ci folenw ke dugukolo kan.” 


I started at new reading plan this past month that focuses on trusting the Father.  I have really enjoyed it, but surprisingly enough the verse that has made the most impact wasn’t actually a part of the reading plan.  You see, on the day I found it, I “accidently” read the wrong passage.  I was supposed to be reading from Ps@lm 37, but instead I flipped to Job 37.  I read the whole passage and thought, “hmm, why would they include this in the reading plan?”  As I looked to the top of the page I realized I was in the wrong book.  In that moment, I felt the spir1t saying it’s okay just read from here today.  In Job 37, Elihu proclaims a beautiful picture of our Father’s majesty.  Elihu talks about the thunder, lightning, snow, rain, clouds and how they all display the Father’s strength and might.  As I was reading this one verse hit me: 
Ps@lm 37:12
“They turn around and around by his guidance, to accomplish all the he commands them on the face of the inhabitable world.”
This verse refers to the way these forces are reacting to G0d’s guidance.  G0d fills the clouds with rain and they go out listen to His every command to accomplish what He has made them to do.  What a powerful picture of how I should be listening to the Father.  Turning around and around at his every guidance.  I hope this verse encourages you as much as it did me this past month.  I have included it in my pr@yer time as I ask the Father to show me what He has for me here.  I pr@y that the Father will reveal his guidance to you as well; as you pr@y for what He has for you wherever you are.
The Father has been so faithful this past month in my language learning.  I really feel as though sentences are beginning to flow from my mouth more fluidly.  This is so encouraging to me!  The Father is allowing me many opportunities to share His Word with my new-found words and I am beyond grateful for this.  This past week I was able to present the Good News to a woman in the market near my house.  A few days after my presentation, I was able to return with a friend who explained even more and answered her questions. Thank you so much for being faithful to pr@y for my language acquisition.  I have my next language evaluation in early August.  I know that the L0rd will be faithful between now and then to grow my language ability!
  • Continued language acquisition and growth
  • Lady from the market that she would not forget the words she heard but, she would struggle with them and search for answers
  • Guidance for plans and strategies as I look toward future ministry among my people group