Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

November 16, 2016 -


Hello Everyone,

Your pr@yers over the last month have been so real to me and want to thank you personally for interceding on my behalf.  I have been at training now for one month, and that also means that I am halfway finished!  It has been a time of fun, learning, and spiritual refinement as I prepare to serve my Father overseas.  

Most days we are in class from 8am to 5pm.  We cover topics such as culture shock,

sp!r!tual warfare, persecution in the Chrch, Chrch planting, evangel!sm and d!sciplesh!p training, and so much more.  We also take time every morning to dive into the book of Acts and examine the first chrches that were planted by Paul and others.  I know this training is extremely beneficial and the Father is teaching me invaluable lessons.  Thank you so much for those of you who give sacrificially every year to the Lott!e Moon Christmas Offering, which makes this training possible.  

Also, we are given the chance a few times a week to go out and put our training into action.  We get to go out as teams in the city and share the good news of our Father.  We have been able to have some awesome G0spel conversations with many unbelievers.   

Please continue to Pr@y:

  • My family as I begin my transition to overseas life
  • Preparation of documents and tickets
  • God would prepare the hearts of the people to receive truth
  • Molding of my heart to the Father’s heart
  • The ability to soak in as much knowledge at training as I can
  • The Father will prepare the hearts of the people to hear the message
  • Colleagues at the training, remember their families and transition to overseas