Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

April 19, 2017 -


Easter weekend was full of fun and so many new experiences.  I started off the weekend by getting henna done on my hands and feet.  Henna is a type of temporary decorative tattooing.  The women here usually do it for special events such as weddings, holidays, and travel.  The end result was beautiful and the perfect addition to a new Easter outfit.  On Saturday morning, I went to local Friend’s house to begin celebrating.  All day we sat around, chatting, and preparing food.  It was really fun and the Father has been so faithful to help to be able to participate in just “everyday chatting” now.  Although a lot of the time I can’t go very deep.  
When evening arrived the dance party began to worship our Risen S@vior!  I danced until about 1am, but then had to bow out and go lay down.  However, I woke up at about 3am to see the party still going strong.  On Easter morning, we finished preparing all the food.  Then we all put on our new outfits and made our way to the chrch.  It was an absolute beautiful service.  The Father’s presence permeated the entire place as we listened, pr@yed, danced, and sang.  After chrch, we went back to
local Friend’s house to eat lunch.  It was a feast and absolutely delicious!
This next month is going to very full, but I am really looking forward to it.  Mid-March I will to go to a conference in a neighboring country.  This meeting is for all of the “workers” who are serving among the
Local people.  It is a time to get together, share, and pr@y.  Also, I will have my first language evaluation this Friday.  I am super nervous.  It is not pass or fail, you are given a level only.  Last but not least, my former partner here in Region is coming to visit for three weeks.  She will visiting our National family and friends and also seeing how she can be a part of continuing to reach the Local people.


  • Continued language acquisition, my first language evaluation will be this coming Friday (April 21) at 9am
  • Safety as I travel to a meeting for all the organizations working the Local globally
  • Also for united vision and guidance during our meeting
  • To continue to meet people with whom I can sit and practice language
  • Opportunities to share the reason why the Father has brought me here
  • Safety for Friend as she travels