Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

October 26, 2017 -


A Time of Training
This past month I had the privilege of participating in a training for my work.  It was an incredibly fruitful time!  I was able to gain much knowledge about Nation’s culture and how best to communicate the Good News.  The Father taught me a lot during these days of training.  However, there was one lesson that continues to ring in my ears even today, and I ask the Father that I will never forget what he has taught me. 
Every morning during the training we shared a story from God’s Word during our morning devotion time.  The story that really spoke to me is from Matthew 10. 
As J3sus is sending out his disciples he gives them specific instructions.  He tells them to go light, without any extra supplies.  Heal the sick.  Raise the dead.  And as they go, they should proclaim, “the Kingdom of God is near!”  If a house welcomes them they should stay there, and if a house does not welcome them, they should shake the dust and move on. 
As I listened to this story and discussion from my colleagues the Father spoke to me.  My charge is to proclaim, “the Kingdom of God is near!”  When I enter a home, whether I am accepted or not, did I leave them with this message?  Did they get the chance to hear? 
My mind was brought back to all of the conversations I have walked away from not proclaiming this message and I was convicted.  We have a message for everyone.  The Father has put an excitement in my heart as I am beginning a new phase in min!stry here.  May I be faithful with the message he has entrusted to us!

  • I am continuing my language lessons 4 days a week.  Ask for opportunities outside of class for meaningful language practice.  Ask that my mind would continue to be opened to this language.
  • I will be attending a community development training this coming month in a neighboring country.  Ask for traveling mercies and a productive time.

We will be beginning a new initiative entering into a neighborhood of our large urban center.  Ask for wisdom, direction, and open hearts.