Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

Worker in the Field - Update # 16, 2018.02.28

February 28, 2018 - 


This past month has been full to say the least.  I am currently preparing for a language evaluation that will happen this Friday.  Also, many other great things have become part of my schedule. 


I have been sharing with you about a new work in a city outside our capital.  It will begin this month and I am super excited for what the Father is going to do with that.  Our goal will be to plant a new chrch in this area to reach the many people groups living in this city, including the Local people.  One of the reasons we have chosen this city to begin a new work is because of its location and its potential to be a gateway to the north of the country. Many of the residents there migrated because of work and make trips back to their villages often.  If we reach them with the Good News, the Good News will not only spread in that city but to the North of country.  The potential is exciting!  One of our Bapt!st chrhces has committed to see this goal become reality.  We will begin with strategy meetings, vision casting, focused pryer, pryer walking, and evangel!sm.


A new work that I am involved is in a small village.  A group of pastors from three Bapt!st chrches have chosen this location for a new chrch plants.  The pastor team has visited this village a few times over the last few months.  The village chief has welcomed them and even given them permission to share and start a chrch in his village.  This is an incredible invitation and we can definitely see the Father’s hand in it.  There is one known believer in the village who longs for Chr!stian community and encouragement.  We will hopefully begin strategy meeting this month for this village and begin the work soon
I have had many groups commit to prying for these two projects on a regular basis.  I am excited about these pryer partnerships and I know they will lay the foundation.  If you or your group would like to become a pryer partner for one of these projects send me an email and will get resources and information to you. 
Thanks for all your pryers and support!