Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

Worker in the Field - Update # 21, 2018.07.24

July 24, 2018 -
Training and More
This past month I found myself in Southern Continent for the majority of the time.  It was a lot colder there than it is here, but I didn’t complain.  The weather was beautiful!  While I was there, I was able to attend a very fruitful training.  These trainings are happening all over the world thanks to the generosity of S0uthern B@ptists chrches and their desire to His name proclaimed to the ends of the earth.  The training focused on practical steps to bring the G0spel to unreached, make disciples who make disciples, and see reproducing chrhes planted in those places.  I was at the training with around 70 of my colleagues. I met some really great people and to hear of the work the Father is doing all around this continent for His glory.  I cannot wait to get to work and put this new knowledge into practice.  Here are some pictures from the training.  We stayed on a beautiful lake and even got to see zebras and impalas.  (If you would like to enjoy the pictures shared by our Worker in the Field, please contact the office.)
Also, I want to thank you all for prying for my language test last week.  Many of you texted and emailed me to let me know that you were prying. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated it.  I know all of you have been prying for me since the beginning and it has gotten me though those rough language days.  I want to announce that I received a rating of Advanced High on my evaluation.  This means that I am officially finished with language class.  Of course, I will still have so much more to learn and will be learning every day. 
KTown Update - 
The first time we went to KTown we shared the G0spel with a young man.  He listened intently and was interested, but not ready to make a decision. The team and I decided to go back and visit all of the places where we had previously shared.  We were able to speak to this young man again and he is still very interested.  We gave him a memory card, so that he could listen to the stories from the B!ble.  While I was away at the training, he called many times to tell us that he was gaining great understanding from the stories.   Please pry for a young man.  Pry for his heart and mind to be opened to the truth. 
• For the young man in KTown
• For the many who have heard the good news in KTown
• For the retention of my language as I transition into full time m!nistry