Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Pastor, Philip Johnson

Worker in the Field - Update # 23, 2018.09.26



September 26, 2018 - 


If you would like to respond to our Worker in the Field as requested in the newsletter below, please contact the church office for assistance.


This past month went by very quick!  September was full of lots great trips out to the bush and Ktown.  It has been amazing to see the initiative, excitement, and motivation our national partners.  They have been faithful to be a part of the Father is doing across this country.  This past month we were given the privilege to proclaim the Good News many times to many people.  This next month we will be following up, building realtionships, and asking for more fruitful conversations.  
For this month’s newsletter I would like to do something a little different.  I would like to give YOU the chance to follow up with us!  Below is a list of people who have the Good News this past month and a little bit of their story. My challenge to you is to choose at least one person to pry for this month.  You can choose a person who is around the same age or in the same stage of life as you or just the person who the Father lays on your heart.  
The goal is to cover these specific people in pryer over the next month.  All of them have expressed interest in the G0spel and are wanting to know more.  Ask for understanding, providence, conviction, peace, open hearts, and ultimately salvation.
Also, I would love to hear who you choose to pry for.  Just reply to this email with the name!
Johnis a man in his late 70s. He is the patriarch of his very large family in a rural village.  Whenever you see John he is surrounded by his grandchildren. His deep love for them is evident.  Over the last two years, he lost two of his younger brothers to sickness. John has heard the Gospel three times over the last month. He has asked some really good questions.
Mary is a mother in her mid-30s. She lives in a rural village with a full schedule every day as she cooks, cleans, and care for her family. She has four children, however, sadly the youngest, only 2 years old, passed away from Malaria last month. Mary’s heartbreak has started a journey, a search for peace.  She wants to know:  What is peace? And how do you get it?  She is considering what is means for J3sus to be her peace.
Darlene is a mother is her late 40s.  Her first son has grown and left the nest.  Her youngest son will be finishing high school in the next two years. Sadly, Darlene became a widow last year. This loss was huge and she is still grieving.  The loss has also made it difficult to make ends meet.  As we met with her this week, she said “I want to be a person who fears G0d.” She wants to understand who the Son is and why He is so important.
Matt is a young man in his early 20s.  Lately, he has had some struggles that have caused him to look for answers.  He has said that he believes J3sus is the true way, but he has not made a commitment. Matt has been given a French B!ble and has begun to read it. He is hungry for the Word and listens intently every time we visit.
Shari is lively, young women. She is the life of the village. She cracks everyone up and loves to smile. Shari is in her late 70s and has many grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She has heard the Good News multiple times this past month.  She wants understanding.
Steveis a working husband and father in his early 40s.  Right now, the majority of his days are spent in the fields.  He worries about the rain and a successful crop.  He asks many questions and who J3sus is, why he come, and how he could change his life.
Dan is a father of five grown children in his 50s.  He is now in early 50s and spends much time with his buddies talking about life.  He is the father of Matt and is very curious about who J3sus is as well.  At this moment, his wife is very sick and he asks, “can she be healed?”